What is a Hoverboard? (How One Works)

a metallic red hoverboard

A hoverboard is also known as a self-balancing scooter. They’re pretty cool to look at and one of the newest tech style toys on the market. They are popular for kids and adults alike.

Now, you may be thinking that it’s a “hoverboard” therefore it should hover, right? Well, that’s not quite the case. Although you have to admit it would be pretty cool! These are actually scooter than can balance on their own, but I repeat, they do not actually hover above the ground. They also aren’t too easy to ride. You can view tons of videos on the epic hoverboard wipeouts online. They look cool but come with a lot of safety precautions.I wouldn’t recommend putting a small child on one.

Let’s get down to the basics on how a hoverboard fully works. They have a gyroscope that determines the ultimate balance of the machine and a motor to keep the board fully balanced and move it forward. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to balance right off the bat, but it’s the main goal. It also have microprocessors to manage power and huge batteries to provide life. The biggest part of the scooter is that it needs to balance upright. So, it takes a lot of work on your part too.

Recent news on Hoverboard Fires

For starters, hoverboards aren’t legal everywhere. They are not allowed on sidewalks and tend to make police pretty angry. Then we have the fact that recent news on hoverboard fires show they are having a bit of difficulty. There’s nothing worse than buying your teen a hoverboard and having it blow up. Ouch. We should probably talk about what makes the awesome little machine explode. Hoverboard fires can be attributed to quite a few different things. They typically explode because of a bad battery. It takes a giant lithium battery to run the hoverboard and they can easily case the hoverboard to catch fire. This probably has something to do with why airlines have banned them. They just aren’t safe for air travel.

Another reason why they tend to blow up has a lot to do with how they were manufactured. Since new hit that they were coming out, a ton of companies tried to make a cheaper copy of them. They can run from the low hundred to upwards of seven hundred bucks. The cheaper version come with cheaper parts and tend to have more problems. There are even bans on the types that can be sold. This is all due to hoverboard fires and malfunctions that deem them completely unsafe. Apparently, quality control is vastly overlooked.

Hoverboards Overall Review

While Hoverboards seem pretty cool, they come with downsides too. It’s definitely a larger financial purchase that you may find exploding if you use it too much. You also have to take into full account the cost and manufacturer. IF the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. While it may seem nice to get a cheap one, you may want to wave the big caution flag and buy one with a wide amount of reviews to ensure safety. No one wants a hoverboard fire. While it may seem that they are just a big pile of dangerous they can be bought from a proper retailer and used to have tons of fun. So, do your research and stay safe if you buy a hoverboard.

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